At Elliot, we are proud of who we are and what we do.  Read more about several of our outstanding departments.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at Elliot Health System is a centralized, full service department located in the Medical Office Building within the hospital’s main campus.  Human Resources oversees many of the functions which directly relate to employees, including personnel record keeping,  employee benefits, recruitment and retention, compensation, policies, leave administration, and more.

Ambulatory Care

The Ambulatory Care Department is diverse in its makeup; Emergency Department, Urgent Care, Surgical Services, and Trauma Services.  Care rendered in these departments typically is performed on an outpatient basis.  If an individual’s care requires inpatient status, measures will be taken to ensure proper services are available.  The diversity of the Ambulatory Care Departments allows individuals choices based upon presenting complaints when seeking medical care.  For treatment and services beyond the scope of one’s physician office but not to the degree of life threatening situations requiring the Emergency Department, an Urgent Care center would be a great alternative.  In any event, the Ambulatory Care Departments are well equipped to handle medical emergencies.

Critical Care Nursing

Elliot Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit is an experienced, highly trained, compassionate team of professionals who take pride in providing excellent care to both our patients and to their families. Our nursing staff is among the best in New Hampshire and we value excellence and strongly support and promote nursing certification in critical care (CCRN).

We specialize in caring for all aspects of adult critical illness including, acute respiratory failure, septic shock, acute renal failure, cardiogenic and obstructive shock,  multi-organ dysfunction syndrome, and surgical emergencies.  We provide both invasive and noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring for patients in crisis.

We pride ourselves in providing the best patient and family experiences, and are committed to the highest quality outcomes through utilization of evidence based practice and an interprofessional approach to patient care.

Fuller Unit

The Fuller Unit provides care to inpatients with General Surgical, Bariatric Surgery, ENT Surgery, Vascular and Lung surgeries and a variety of medical-surgical diagnoses including Strokes.  Located on the eighth floor of the “K” building, it has the capacity to accommodate a total of 39 patients.

Fuller Unit staff have developed the following Vision:

“Our dream is to make Fuller Unit a comfortable place to stay, where our staff want to give those little extras to create a warm environment that fosters friendships amongst staff and patients. Our academic achievements, common goals and our equalization of workloads will result in an innovative health care team. Our philosophy within the Elliot Model of Nursing will be demonstrated by our honesty, humor, trust, loyalty and respect for patients, peers, families, and those we serve.”

IV Therapy Services

The IV TEAM is comprised of six dedicated registered nurses that provide peripheral and specialty lines services for the inpatient and outpatient populations within the Elliot Hospital.  The team has acquired special “vascular access training” which allows them to function as resources for the nursing staff in all departments.

Services are provided Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm and 7am to 3pm on weekends.

Fitch Unit

The Fitch Unit provides care to inpatients with oncology, urology, and a variety of medical-surgical diagnoses.  We also have an out-patient area that provides infusions and injections.  Located on the sixth floor of the “M” building, it has the capacity to accommodate a total of 40 inpatients and 6 out-patients.

The Fitch team takes great pride in caring for our patients.  We treat our patients as family by providing compassionate and exceptional care.  The staff on the Fitch unit are friendly and team oriented.  We inspire others and are also engaged in our unit.  The Fitch unit is a dynamic unit to work on and we are one huge family.

Elliot Urgent Care

Sometimes, injuries and illnesses are serious enough to require a trip to the emergency department, but for life’s little health problems, the Elliot Urgent Care is a better choice. From late night ear infections to lacerations and everything in between, out specially trained Board Certified emergency physicians and staff provide quality and timely treatment. We focus solely on non-life threatening illnesses and injuries, enabling us to treat you in less time than a traditional hospital emergency department.

Elliot Hospital Laboratory

The Elliot Hospital Laboratory is a full service department located on the ground floor of the Elliot Hospital campus.

We provide the most technologically advanced testing available. Elliot Laboratory is Southern New Hampshire’s largest provider of laboratory services, performing over 1.4 million tests annually! Our professional expertise and technology provides physicians with real time results for quicker diagnosis and patient satisfaction.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Rivers Edge

Working with a team of healthcare professionals, pulmonary rehabilitation provides the participant and their family with information and support to meet the day-to-day challenges of living with a chronic lung disorder. Through individual treatment plans consisting of education, exercise, breathing retraining, and the development of coping and support skills, the primary objectives of the programs are:

  • To control and alleviate the symptoms and complications of pulmonary disease.
  • To teach participants how to achieve an optimal level of independence and physical capabilities.
  • To possibly reduce hospitalizations and healthcare costs.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and cystic fibrosis, affects nearly two million Americans. Preventive and rehabilitative care for patients with pulmonary disease reduces the need for hospitalization and improves quality of life. Comprehensive personalized education and exercise, as well as changes in diet and smoking habits, can decrease the impact of the disease by helping to return the patient with chronic lung disease to a higher degree of physiological and psychological function.

Sleep Laboratory

The Elliot Sleep Laboratory is a part of the Elliot Health System and is located at the Homewood Suites Hotel on Perimeter Road in Manchester. We perform patient evaluations with state of the art equipment and are devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of sleep disorders.  Elliot has the only full service sleep lab in New Hampshire that specializes in the population ranging from newborns to geriatrics. The Sleep Lab is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine meeting the highest quality of care in the practice of sleep medicine.

Respiratory Care

The Respiratory Care Department provides care to support critical, emergency and acute care assessment and intervention to patients in virtually every area of clinical care in the hospital.  The staff are also essential members of the following teams: Code Blue, Code Pink, Critical Assessment Team (CAT), Neonatal and Pediatric Transport, as well as Trauma.

Here at Elliot, Respiratory Care Practitioners utilize patient interaction skills and state of the art technology to provide life support to the critically ill patients.  The Practitioner is part of the team where detailed assessment skills along with state of the art life support devices are utilized to bring care to patients that are only available at academic medical centers in the country.  This service allows for patients who live in NH to remain in the area for complete medical care.

Elliot Regional Cancer Center

The Elliot Regional Cancer Center (ERCC) consists of the Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics, Cancer Registry, Clinical Research, and Oncology Services departments. The Elliot Regional Cancer Center, through the Department of Radiation Oncology, offers radiation therapy services to individuals with a diagnosis of cancer. Following the initial consult and planning sessions, patients come to the center for a prescribed series of treatments. Approximately 95% of patients come to the department on an outpatient basis.

Therapies include external beam radiation therapy, orthovoltage therapy (superficial), brachytherapy (implant) and radiopharmaceutical therapy. Treatment is typically scheduled five days per week over a two to eight week period.

Related services occurring before, during and after the series of radiation therapy treatments include physician and nursing evaluations, periodic blood and diagnostic studies, measurement of body weight, nutritional counseling, monitoring and treatment of side effects and counseling patients regarding their diagnosis and the emotional and practical effect it has on their day to day experience.

The Department of Medical Physics performs treatment planning, treatment verification, machine quality assurance, regulatory compliance and radiation safety.

The Department of Clinical Research provides data management and reporting functions for all patients undergoing Clinical Trials in the Elliot Regional Cancer Center.

The Department of Cancer Registry provides data management, reporting and follow up functions for all cancer patients receiving services within the Elliot Health System.

The Department of Oncology Services provides administrative oversight and coordinates the programs and services provided by the Elliot Regional Cancer Center.


The Pharmacy Department at Elliot Health System provides services to the hospital campus and the ambulatory care centers.  The Pharmacy Department has been clinically integrated within the Nursing Care Units, the OR Services and the Emergency Department.  We proudly provide adult, pediatric and neonatal medication expertise for our patients and clinical staff.  Services provided include Parenteral Nutrition Service, Anticoagulation Dosing, Antibiotic Selection and Dosing, Medication Therapy Management, Coumadin Clinics and an Employee Pharmacy.


PACU is a patient centered post operative recovery unit built on the foundation of compassion for all. We make a vital contribution to post-op patients and their families. We are here to watch over, assess and nurture them as we try to ease their pain and anxiety through their perioperative journey.  It’s new and stressful to many of our patients; we are their compassionate guide.  It’s our privilege to make them feel at ease in our care during their time of need.

OR Team

“O”R is the hospital epicenter for emergent and elective life altering surgery.  It is a “R”ewarding environment for all members of the perioperative “T”eam.  You will find surgical “E”xpertise based on many years of knowledge and evidence based practice.  The emergent nature and fast pace of our environment makes the operating room a true “A”dventure.  We care for a “M”ultitude of patients crossing the spectrum of age from infant to adult.  We are the OR Team.

Sterile Processing

Sterile Processing Department is the home of where sterilization begins and ends.  We are responsible for providing sterile instrumentation to all procedural areas throughout the Elliot Health System.  We provide the first line of defense against infection for all perioperative procedures.  We provide compassionate indirect patient care through the proper care of instrumentation that physicians use to improve patient’s lives.  We are the Sterile Processing Department.

Cardiac Intermediate Care Unit (CICU)

The Cardiac Intermediate Care Unit (CICU) provides care to inpatients requiring continuous cardiac telemetry monitoring. Located on the fifth floor of the “M” building, our unit has the capacity to accommodate a total of 41 patients. Each of our three nurses stations are equipped with a central monitoring system, and at our primary nurses station, we have a telemetry technician monitoring cardiac rhythms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We serve patients with a wide variety of cardiac medical diagnoses and/or medical- surgical diagnoses requiring close monitoring. Diagnoses may include, but are not limited to coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction or ischemia, congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, syncope, drug or substance overdose, and chest pain. We also care for patients who require monitoring post-procedure from a cardiac catheterization, cardioversion, or pacemaker or AICD insertion.

We are committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence. We respect each other with open and honest communication and work collaboratively to create an atmosphere of healing. We encourage patient autonomy, independence, and engagement. We take pride and show support in the success of our team members and of others. On CICU, “Hearts are our passion”!