Exceptional Care, Exceptional Service


I Am Elliot

Smiling StaffAs a member of the Elliot team I recognize that my communication, demeanor and appearance make a critical difference and leave a lasting impression.  I will ensure that my communication with patients, families, colleagues and others is open, respectful and as effective as possible.  I will collaborate with others to ensure that we provide the highest quality of care and services, in a manner that always reflects positively on Elliot Health System.

By adhering to the Elliot Essentials, I Care, I Serve, I Inspire, through their associated competencies, I participate with my colleagues in creating an experience that exceeds each patient’s expectations; a work environment that is inspiring, fulfilling and creative; and fulfills the mission and commitment of the Elliot Health System to our community.

The behavioral competencies for each Essential will be present in all communications, whether in person, by voice or electronic, by all employees of the Elliot. The competencies are incorporated into the hiring and annual evaluation processes for   all employees and performance is rated as either “Meets” or “Does not meet”.


Caring represents the foundation of all that I do as a member of the Elliot team.  It guides me in each of my daily interactions with patients, families, colleagues and others.  Whether I am a member of a clinical discipline or work in a support role, it underlies my desire and ability to fulfill the practice standards of my profession.  Caring is the essential quality that enables me to provide excellent care and service, and to inspire my colleagues and others to do the same.

Behavioral Competencies that demonstrate success with the I CARE Essential:

I – Inspire
I look for opportunities in my daily work to inspire my patients or colleagues.

C – Collaborate
I work collaboratively with my team to assure continuity of care or service.

A – Accountable
I demonstrate accountability for my actions, attitude and attire.

R – Respect
I respect the cultural and socioeconomic diversity of the individuals I care for and work with.

E – Ethical
I demonstrate sincerity, honesty, trustworthiness and fairness in all my actions and interactions.


I am here to serve the Elliot community; those who come to us for care and services as well as colleagues and others with whom I interact every day.  I am committed to exceeding the expectations of those with whom I interact at the Elliot.

Behavioral Competencies that demonstrate success with the I SERVE Essential:

I – Introduce
I introduce myself to the person I am serving, and ask how they wish to be addressed.

S – Smile and Set the Tone
I smile and set the tone for the communication I am about to have.

E -Engage
Be present in the conversation, attentive to the needs and concerns of the person, and be clear in what I need to communicate to them.

R – Respect
I respect the time, modesty and cultural needs of the person with whom I am communicating. I demonstrate respect for myself, the Elliot and the person I am serving, in my appearance and demeanor.

V – Verify
I listen, validate that the person understands the content of my communication, and clarify any points of difference.

E – Expectations
I ask to see if I have exceeded the expectations of the person I am serving, and ask what else I can do for them. I set the expectations for the next encounter the person will have with the Elliot. (Managing Up)


With genuine sincerity, I encourage all those I encounter in a respectful and engaging manner. I am always mindful of expressing appreciation, demonstrating humility and embracing opportunities to positively impact the personal and professional growth of those around me.

Behavioral Competencies that demonstrate success with the I INSPIRE Essential:

I – Interactions
I communicate in a manner that is clear, and confirms understanding of the other party.

– Innovation
I seek opportunities to innovate and improve how I work with my colleagues and care for my patients.

N – Nurture
I work to create an environment that nurtures all of the Elliot Essentials.

S – Share
I share my knowledge and experience to mentor others and my community.

P – Present –is present and mindful during interactions with others, actively listening, understanding and participating.

I– Imperatives
I connect what I do to support the Strategic Imperatives of Elliot Health System.

R – Respect
I respect the goals, aspirations and skills of my colleagues and patients.

E – Empower
I work to empower those around me to reach their full potential.


“Our employees have something that goes beyond dedication. We’ve achieved great things all because our Elliot employees Care, Serve, and Inspire each other and the patients and family who count on the Elliot. We are Elliot and we make a difference.”