The Elliot Health System offers two medical plan options, both of which are administered by Cigna and provide employees with the flexibility to seek care with a broad range of providers, both locally within the system and elsewhere throughout the United States.

Our CORE/LOW plan offers lower-cost payroll deductions and slightly higher cost sharing amounts for items such as co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles at the time care is received. Conversely, our BUY-UP/HIGH plan provides for lower cost-sharing amounts at the time of service, but has higher bi-weekly premium contributions.

Regardless of which plan you choose, you will be protected against catastrophic health care costs because both plans pay 100% of in-network, negotiated costs once your share of the covered expenses has reached your “out of pocket maximum”, which varies slightly based on which plan you choose. Additionally, both plans also contain provisions to cover your preventive and wellness care at 100%, regardless of whether or not you have already met this maximum.

Though both plans are “non-gated” in that they do not require the selection of a PCP or make use of referrals, there is no coverage available (except in extreme, life-threatening emergencies) for providers who do not participate within the CIGNA Open Access network, and your cost-sharing amounts are significantly lower when you utilize Elliot Health System providers. For more information on participating providers, please contact Cigna directly at 1-800-244-6224; you can also utilize our “Physician Finder” service at 603-663-4567 or 603-663-1111.

For a quick summary of the differences between the Medical Plan options, click here: Medical Benefits Summary.


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