EHS maintains a Defined Benefit Pension Plan for certain employees hired on or before July 2006.

This Plan, although closed to new participants since July 2006, continues to be maintained for eligible participants and may be a significant retirement benefit to include in future retirement income planning.

The EHS Pension Plan is a defined benefit plan. This means that retirement benefits are based on a formula which takes into account Annual Pay, Years of Benefit Service (years with at least 1,000 hours worked) and the age at which benefits begin. The cost of the Plan and all benefits provided under the Plan is entirely paid by EHS. Participants do not make contributions to this Plan.

When You Can Receive Your Benefit

If you are a vested participant in this Plan with accrued benefits, you would be eligible to receive a Normal Retirement Benefit on the first day of the month following your 65th birthday, if you are no longer employed on that date. The Plan also provides for Early or Late Retirement Benefits, if you are eligible, as well as various monthly benefit payment options.

Participants who have not yet reached Normal Retirement age, and who wish to begin commencement of their benefit, must have a “bona fide” termination of employment and be in terminated status at the time the pension begins. An employee may be rehired to a per diem position without suspension of their pension benefit after a 30-day bona-fide separation period has elapsed. Different rules apply if continuing to work beyond Normal Retirement. Please refer to the Summary Plan Description or contact Human Resources for more details.


Vesting means that you have a non-forfeitable right to your benefit when you leave Elliot Health System. You become 100% vested in your benefit after you have five years of vesting service or once you reach your Normal Retirement date as an active employee. A year of vesting service includes any plan year (July 1 to June 30) in which you have been credited with at least 1000 hours of service with Elliot Health System.

Employment Changes

Effective July 1, 2006, if you terminate your employment with EHS or transfer to a location, position, or a status (such as per diem) that is not covered under the EHS Pension Plan, you will stop earning benefits under this Plan – and you will not be able to rejoin the Plan at a later date.

Instead, if you subsequently are rehired or transferred to an eligible part time or full time employment status, you may begin earning the employer “Core” and matching contributions available under the EHS 403(b) Plan. Separate information regarding these employer contributions will be provided if you later become eligible.

When you retire, you will still receive a benefit from the EHS Pension Plan – in addition to any benefits you have earned under the 403(b) Plan – assuming you are vested.

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch is the service provider for the EHS Pension Plan. If you are a participant in this Plan, you can log onto Merrill Lynch’s Benefits Online website at to obtain your projected retirement benefit, request retirement plan information or view additional plan information, including the EHS Pension Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD) booklet. You can also call and speak to a representative directly at the Merrill Lynch Retirement & Benefit Contact Center at 1-800-228-4015.

In addition, the Summary Plan Description for the Plan is available on your Elliot HR Portal.


ELLIOT PLAN # 950741