EHS provides various programs offering time away from work to eligible employees. Below are some of the programs or policies providing employees time away from work:

Earned Time Plan

EHS maintains a competitive Earned Time (ET) Plan that combines traditional vacation, holiday, sick and personal days into one bank for each eligible employee. This gives employees more flexibility in scheduling time off. The design of the ET plan is also intended to assist employees and EHS in managing staffing needs. An employee must use earned time to receive pay for absences from work, or may periodically elect to cash-out certain balances. For additional information regarding the ET Plan and various ways to cash-in available earned time, please visit the policies:

Bereavement Time Off

EHS offers eligible employees up to three (3) days paid bereavement leave for the loss of an immediate family member, and one (1) day for an extended family member. For additional information regarding the Bereavement Policy, please visit the policy:

Jury Duty

EHS provides leave to eligible employees for jury duty service and other court time. For additional information regarding Jury Duty, please visit the policy:

Leave of Absense

EHS offers various types of Leaves of Absence (LOA) to enable employees to temporarily be out of work for personal illnesses, the illnesses and/or care of immediate family members, military service, family issues and/or extenuating personal matters. The purpose of EHS leaves of absence is to protect the service of employees who need to temporarily be out of work but plan to return to EHS within the time specified by their leave of absence. For additional information regarding Leave of Absences and FMLA, please visit the policies: