Life in New Hampshire

Map of NHElliot Health System is located throughout southeastern New Hampshire.  The main campus is located in Manchester, a bustling city of almost one hundred and ten thousand residents.  The capital city of Concord lies less than twenty miles north, while Boston Massachusetts is a mere 45 minute drive to the south.

New Hampshire boasts many amazing and unique features.

Politics come to life, and quite literally to your front doorstep, during presidential campaigns as the state becomes the country’s focus as being the “First In The Nation” for presidential elections.

New Hampshire has no sales or income tax.

The state motto of “Live Free or Die” sums up the bold, can-do spirit of those who live here.

The state is home to seven universities, two art schools, and one law school, as well as a number of undergraduate associates and baccalaureate colleges.

Commonly referred to as “The Granite State,” New Hampshire is home to some of the country’s most unspoiled, natural beauty you will ever see.

New Hampshire has 1,300 lakes or ponds and about 40 rivers with a total mileage of about 41,800 miles.  The state is bordered partially on the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

The White Mountains range in New Hampshire spans the north-central portion of the state, with Mount Washington being the tallest in the northeastern U.S., and other mountains like Mount Madison and Mount Adams surrounding it.  In the southwest corner of New Hampshire, Mount Monadnock holds the distinction of being  the second most climbed mountain in the world.

New Hampshire is home to 21 downhill ski areas, and thousands of miles of cross country ski trails.


There is literally something for everyone here!